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Musicality Tango Intensive

13-15 September 2019

in der Kunstmuhle

What makes this weekend special

13-15 September 2019

    We have been traveling for a few years now and heard so much feedback from you guys
    on how you would love to have a place to deeply work on specific topics.

    A place where teachers share their knowledge in a horizontal way, becoming vulnerable
    by sharing their difficulties, challenges, and how they had gotten through them.

    A place where classes or workshops are for you to discover, exchange, and explore knowledge,
    while being guided through the process.

    A place that can stay neutral to styles and ways of dancing, while at the same time 
    ordering the knowledge in a historical structure to better understand these different ways of dancing tango,
    helping develop the TANGO as a whole (from the early 1920s until nowadays).

    Well, inspired by all your feedback, we would like to start working on creating this space together!
    A full weekend, this time fully focused on musical qualities for our dance and having 
    milongas open only to workshop participants, so the atmosphere stays safe for fully embodying the weekend topics.


Workshop topics

13-15 September 2019

    We have worked with two Argentine and one Dutch Orchestra to specially create music visualizations
    that will help you acknowledge each instrument and how it is playing.

    Our aim is to share how we work to bring the four qualities of the sound into four qualities of movements,
    in order to make the music seem it is coming from us dancers.

    In workshops 1 & 2, the focus will be on how to lead and follow a musical element,
    rather than leading and following movements.

    In workshops 3-6 we will work on using the four elements of sound in our dance,
    so we can go from moving to the music to dancing within the music.

    Workshop 1: Musicality Communication Part A
    Workshop 2: Musicality Communication Part B
    Workshop 3: Quality of Duration in the dance
    Workshop 4: Quality of Intensit in the dance
    Workshop 5: Quality of Tone in the dance
    Workshop 6: Quality of Timbre in the dance

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Event Detiails

13-15 September 2019

Natalia & Agustin
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As we want to keep the balance between leaders and followers,
we are running this event as partner sign up only. 
(Need a partner? email us at
Helping in the kitchen is not required.

Max. 30 couples

Price per person, including workshops, milongas and meals:
€ 285 pp

Edda Grossman
+49 39451 63074
Kunstmuehle Website

Kunstmühle Veckenstedt
Strasse der Technik 6
38871 Veckenstedt am Harz


13-15 September 2019

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